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stephen Foster
A number of years ago while lobstering off of Rockland Me. one of my traps became entangled in a very heavy object. At first I thought it may be a large rock and attempted to rock it loose. I then attempted to pull it up again. I was gaining rope and seemed to be raising whatever I was entangled in, however my hydraulic hauler was working very hard, and my 28ft boat was being listing alarmingly to that side. I continued to attempt to pull it until I could see something that appeared to be a piece of painted metal aprox still 10 ft below the surface. The line then parted, the boat rocked violently and what ever had entangled my gear reyurned to the ocean floor. I always meant to go back and dive in the area, but have never gotten around to it. does anybody know anything about a possible wreck off of Rockland, between the breakwater and brewesters ledge?


There's a missing T-33 Airforce trainer airplane missing in the vicinity. Let's go dive it. I live in Thomaston, and teach scuba lessons for Johnson's Sporting goods. Do you have coordinates to get back to it? Email me and I'll give you the details. Lee

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